Issue 2 | April 2022

41 Tertiary Scholarships Awarded

The College is delighted that 40 of our graduating students had already been awarded 41 significant tertiary scholarships, worth over $400,000 in total. This will provide our students with financial assistance for their chosen tertiary studies in 2022.

Each year the number of scholarships awarded usually increase over the summer break as exam results become available, especially for those seeking scholarships from universities in the Northern Hemisphere.

Congratulations to all Year 13 students on their achievements!

The University of Auckland
Top Achiever Scholarship Emma Jorgensen, Evan Metcalfe, Isabeau Pan, Christina Chen
Faculty of Science High Achiever Akshay Vegesna
Massey University
Academy of Sport Scholarship Luka Clarke
The University of Otago
Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship Jimmy Liao, Sophia Hynds, Finlay Montgomerie, Hannah Riley, Chloe Beeche, Kenza Taele
New Frontiers Excellence Scholarship Rachel Funnell, Phoebe Mitchell, Marsha Pavlenko, Ava McKenzie, Tayla Craigen, Regina Tao, Harry Bashford, Angus Thompson, Michael Booth, Charlotte Symons, Olivia McSaveney, Nic Lacey, Abby Maddren
Maori Entrance Scholarship Tanith Pilkington, Renee Bird, J’adore Harris-Tavita
The Victoria University
Tangiwai Scholarship Samuel Everitt, Cameron Hatton, Charlotte Symons, Rachel Black, Grant Slark
The University of Canterbury
Go Waitaha Georgia Manning, Kyra Rodgers, Charlie Porter
Hiranga Scholarship Matthew Larsen, Zara Jancys
Horomata Scholarship Zara Jancys
International Universities
University of Princeton, USA Peyton Leigh
Oakland University, Michigan Aimee Brown


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  • 6 MAY 2022 Boys’ School Celtic Day
  • 6 MAY College Cross Country
  • 10, 11 & 12 MAY Girls’ School syndicate visit to new school on Shore Road
  • 15 MAY (7PM) College Chalmers House Chapel
  • 16 MAY College Prefects Commissioning
  • 17 MAY College Parent & Friends Social & Info evening
  • 15 MAY Girls’ School ‘Open School’ for families of existing students
  • 18 MAY College Campus Tour
  • 22 MAY (7PM) College Hamilton House Chapel
  • 23, 30 MAY & 13 JUNE Boys’ School Mother and Son event
  • 25 MAY College Foodbank
  • 29 MAY (7PM) College Cargill House Chapel
  • 8 JUNE Move to new Girls’ School on Shore Road
  • 7 JUNE College Chamber Showcase
  • 10 JUNE College Rock Showcase
  • 12 JUNE College Choral Showcase
  • 12 JUNE (7PM) College Wilson House Chapel
  • 15 JUNE College Campus Tour
  • 18 JUNE Boys’ School Quiz Night
  • 19 JUNE (7PM) College Stark House Chapel
  • 29 JUNE College Campus Tour
  • 29 JUNE Girls’ School and Boys’ School Cross Country
  • 29 JUNE College Middle School Music Evening
  • 3 JULY (7PM) College Wishart House Chapel
  • 5 JULY (7PM) College House Music
  • 7 & 8 JULY College Dance Showcase