Issue 2 | April 2022
Girls' School

A camping we will go ….

Story and photos by Alison Slyfield.

It was all sunshine and smiles as our Girls’ School Year 5 and Year 6 students spent several days away camping at Shakespear Lodge in Whangaparoa.

The week started with Year 6 girls, parent helpers and teachers arriving at the YMCA lodge.  The girls moved into their cabins and made themselves at home.  With three days of activities galore including sailing, kayaking, co-steering as well as pig feeding, concerts and shows, there wasn’t a moment of down time. The girls had such positive attitudes, and it was great to see them challenging themselves with new activities, making new friends, and learning new things about themselves.

On Wednesday, the Year 5 girls joined in the camp fun before sending our Year 6 girls home after a full day of activities.  Our Year 5 girls begun camp with games and an ocean swim.  With chicken burgers and ice cream for dinner, and bellies full, the team walked up the hill to watch the beautiful sunset and took some team photos against the Shakespear photo frame.  Thursday was another fun day of activities including bush cooking, kayaking, climbing and raft building.  The final night camp concert was set on a desert island, and it was of exceptional standard. There was much laughter with creative interpretations from the use of the compulsory props and words.

Over the 3-day camp, it was great to see the girls overcome challenges and work together as a team.  Many girls embraced the opportunity to try something new.

The week ended with staff and students feeling exhausted but happy with beaming smiles. We are already counting down until camp next year.

A big thank you to our parent helpers who took time off to join us for camp this year.  We really do appreciate it.

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  • 6 MAY 2022 Boys’ School Celtic Day
  • 6 MAY College Cross Country
  • 10, 11 & 12 MAY Girls’ School syndicate visit to new school on Shore Road
  • 15 MAY (7PM) College Chalmers House Chapel
  • 16 MAY College Prefects Commissioning
  • 17 MAY College Parent & Friends Social & Info evening
  • 15 MAY Girls’ School ‘Open School’ for families of existing students
  • 18 MAY College Campus Tour
  • 22 MAY (7PM) College Hamilton House Chapel
  • 23, 30 MAY & 13 JUNE Boys’ School Mother and Son event
  • 25 MAY College Foodbank
  • 29 MAY (7PM) College Cargill House Chapel
  • 8 JUNE Move to new Girls’ School on Shore Road
  • 7 JUNE College Chamber Showcase
  • 10 JUNE College Rock Showcase
  • 12 JUNE College Choral Showcase
  • 12 JUNE (7PM) College Wilson House Chapel
  • 15 JUNE College Campus Tour
  • 18 JUNE Boys’ School Quiz Night
  • 19 JUNE (7PM) College Stark House Chapel
  • 29 JUNE College Campus Tour
  • 29 JUNE Girls’ School and Boys’ School Cross Country
  • 29 JUNE College Middle School Music Evening
  • 3 JULY (7PM) College Wishart House Chapel
  • 5 JULY (7PM) College House Music
  • 7 & 8 JULY College Dance Showcase