Issue 2 | April 2022
Boys' School

Boys’ School Carol Service: Light of hope and joy

On December 1 at 6:30pm, Principal Mr Peter Cassie welcomed school families to watch the digital premiere of the Boys’ School Carol Service from the comfort of their own homes. The 30-minute in-house production was filmed over one week and involved one of the largest cast of students and staff we have ever had.

Drummer Henry Hewes opened the service, beating out a rhythm on the snare drum before Louis Deperrois took the solo, singing the first verse of The Little Drummer Boy set on the Roselle House steps.

This year, popular Carols were chosen to fit the Advent theme aptly coinciding with the premiere of the Carol Service on the 1st of December. Cultural Prefect Jaden Lee was the soloist for Once in Royal David City, followed by the Year 6 Performers Choir who sang Mary Did You Know.

Following tradition, the Head Boy, Sebe Poole and his mother Mrs Kristy Austin, delivered the first two readings. Deputy Head Boy, Max Trankels was also later called on to read before Chapel Prefect, Mikey Higgins led the prayer of Saint Kentigern.

Between readings, more carols were performed including Little Donkey by the Year 3 students, Joy To The World by Year 5 Saint Kentigern Singers, Away In The Manger by Year 2 students, Silent Night by Year 4 Saint Kentigern Singers, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen by the Year 7 Choir and featuring soloist Tom Carter, and I am a Pohutukawa Seed by our Year 1 students. The final performance was by the Year 8 students who for the first time sang together, O Come All Ye Faithful, with soloists Luka Urlich and George McGuinness.

December 1 is the day the Christmas tree is traditionally put up and the boys from 1AT reminded us of the great things we put on a tree and what they represent. In keeping with this theme, Rev Hardie spoke about the wonderment of the Christmas tree and his favourite decoration, the Christmas lights. ‘Every day in December,’ he said, ‘the Christmas lights shine on through. From sunny days to wet days, the light keeps on shining whether we are there to watch them or not. I want to encourage you to see that light and allow it to fill you up with hope and joy. The lights on the Christmas tree reminds us that Jesus is the light of the world. He is the light to those who feel anxious, exhausted, and disillusioned by this year. He is the light that shines whether we are focusing on him or not. He is the light that shines on, through every moment, through the beginnings, and endings that we share together in life. I want to encourage you this Christmas to turn to his light and to live in his light.’

The Carol Service also marked a poignant moment for the boys in Year 8 as they lit a candle and received their leavers’ tie.

The service concluded with all staff coming together to sing We Wish You A Merry Christmas followed by a final performance by the Boys’ School Pipe Band.

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  • 6 MAY 2022 Boys’ School Celtic Day
  • 6 MAY College Cross Country
  • 10, 11 & 12 MAY Girls’ School syndicate visit to new school on Shore Road
  • 15 MAY (7PM) College Chalmers House Chapel
  • 16 MAY College Prefects Commissioning
  • 17 MAY College Parent & Friends Social & Info evening
  • 15 MAY Girls’ School ‘Open School’ for families of existing students
  • 18 MAY College Campus Tour
  • 22 MAY (7PM) College Hamilton House Chapel
  • 23, 30 MAY & 13 JUNE Boys’ School Mother and Son event
  • 25 MAY College Foodbank
  • 29 MAY (7PM) College Cargill House Chapel
  • 8 JUNE Move to new Girls’ School on Shore Road
  • 7 JUNE College Chamber Showcase
  • 10 JUNE College Rock Showcase
  • 12 JUNE College Choral Showcase
  • 12 JUNE (7PM) College Wilson House Chapel
  • 15 JUNE College Campus Tour
  • 18 JUNE Boys’ School Quiz Night
  • 19 JUNE (7PM) College Stark House Chapel
  • 29 JUNE College Campus Tour
  • 29 JUNE Girls’ School and Boys’ School Cross Country
  • 29 JUNE College Middle School Music Evening
  • 3 JULY (7PM) College Wishart House Chapel
  • 5 JULY (7PM) College House Music
  • 7 & 8 JULY College Dance Showcase