Issue 2 | April 2022
Boys' School

Grand opening of the Macky Senior School

A significant milestone in the Saint Kentigern Building Master Plan.

On 26 February, esteemed guests came together to celebrate the commissioning of the Boys’ School Macky Senior School. The event saw Mrs Elizabeth Macky officially open the new learning block for our Year 7 and Year 8 boys, a significant milestone in the development of Saint Kentigern Boys’ School and our Shore Road campus.

The new Macky Senior School features two-levels of spacious, technology-rich, flexible teaching and learning spaces. Catering to the specific needs of our Year 7 and Year 8 boys, the Macky Senior School houses 12 new classrooms, collaborative learning spaces and a spacious staffroom facing out onto the upper field on the lower ground floor. The new Year 8 classrooms are on the upper floor, accessed by the wide atrium staircases that doubles as access between floors and seating steps that can be used both socially and as an auditorium for teaching, group gatherings or class presentations. The Year 7 classrooms are located on the ground floor with access from the school side of the building.

Welcoming guests to the official commissioning ceremony, Boy’s School Principal Mr Peter Cassie said, “Today marks the culmination of a major milestone in the history of Saint Kentigern Boys’ School which has been years in the planning with two years of construction amidst Covid challenges. It is remarkable to see an amazing team come together to deliver this magnificent learning facility that opened its doors to our senior boys at the start of this year.”

Mr Cassie took time to express gratitude to teams of individuals who have envisioned and put the building blocks in place towards the completion of its development.  “I would like to thank the current and past Trust Board for their vision and support, the Trust Services team led by Mr Colin Bowring for overseeing the management of the project, architects Architectus for working closely with us to bring our dream learning spaces to life, Outline Design for their eye for detail and refined workmanship, and our Boys’ School team led by Ms Karyl Kidd who have lived and breathed this building for the last few years with one constant in mind which is to deliver a world class facility that will make a difference for our boys.”

Mr Cassie added, “As the Principal of the Boys’ School, I feel incredibly privileged to have worked with the team that created this learning facility and I am delighted that we are able to hold this commissioning ceremony to acknowledge the legacy and contribution of the Macky Family to Saint Kentigern.”

The Macky Senior School is housed under the same roofline as the new shared Specialist Facilities, a center of excellence for scientific, artistic (visual and performance), technology (food and hard and soft material) study and learning, which will be launched soon. With the Senior Boys moving into their new classrooms, work has begun to refurbish the previous Senior Boys’ classrooms for the Boys’ Middle School.

Macky Senior School, a tribute to Saint Kentigern’s founding fathers

The Macky Senior School acknowledges the contribution of the wider Macky family and their legacy, which has become an important part of our Saint Kentigern history as we move into the future.

In recognising the Macky family’s contribution to Saint Kentigern, Mr Mark Conelly, Chair of the Trust Board shared that the Macky Senior School will sit grandly alongside the Brian Irwin Junior School, the JC Chalmers Hall, the Douglas Goodfellow Turf – all named after individuals who have played a significant part in Saint Kentigern Boys’ School becoming what it is today.

“The Warwick Macky Senior School had its beginnings in 1997. That block is now being refurbished as the new Middle School for our Boys in Years 4-6 so the opportunity to rename the new block became available.  In consultation with the Macky family it was agreed that this was an opportunity to recognise the contribution of the wider Macky family to Saint Kentigern,” he added.

The foundation and success of Saint Kentigern are intrinsically linked with Neil Lloyd (Polly) and Warwick Macky. Both men played pivotal roles in the development of Saint Kentigern School. Polly was determined to see a facility for Presbyterian boys’ education in Auckland. Warwick was the first Chairman of the Saint Kentigern School Board with extensive input over 38 years. Their vision and commitment have made an impact on the lives of many young men who have had the opportunity to be educated at Saint Kentigern Boys’ School.


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  • 6 MAY 2022 Boys’ School Celtic Day
  • 6 MAY College Cross Country
  • 10, 11 & 12 MAY Girls’ School syndicate visit to new school on Shore Road
  • 15 MAY (7PM) College Chalmers House Chapel
  • 16 MAY College Prefects Commissioning
  • 17 MAY College Parent & Friends Social & Info evening
  • 15 MAY Girls’ School ‘Open School’ for families of existing students
  • 18 MAY College Campus Tour
  • 22 MAY (7PM) College Hamilton House Chapel
  • 23, 30 MAY & 13 JUNE Boys’ School Mother and Son event
  • 25 MAY College Foodbank
  • 29 MAY (7PM) College Cargill House Chapel
  • 8 JUNE Move to new Girls’ School on Shore Road
  • 7 JUNE College Chamber Showcase
  • 10 JUNE College Rock Showcase
  • 12 JUNE College Choral Showcase
  • 12 JUNE (7PM) College Wilson House Chapel
  • 15 JUNE College Campus Tour
  • 18 JUNE Boys’ School Quiz Night
  • 19 JUNE (7PM) College Stark House Chapel
  • 29 JUNE College Campus Tour
  • 29 JUNE Girls’ School and Boys’ School Cross Country
  • 29 JUNE College Middle School Music Evening
  • 3 JULY (7PM) College Wishart House Chapel
  • 5 JULY (7PM) College House Music
  • 7 & 8 JULY College Dance Showcase